Sellers FAQs

A well-run auction is one of most efficient ways of converting real and personal property into immediate cash. There are many benefits to selling at auction:

  • the flexibility of deciding what and when to sell
  • creating a competitive atmosphere to arrive at fair market value
  • converting property to cash quickly
  • taking advantage of our expertise in marketing and conducting an auction.

There are three types of auctions a traditional auction, an online auction, and a webcast auction. A traditional auction is conducted on-site at the auctioneers location or on-site at the place of the goods’ origin. An online auction is only conducted through the internet and only registered bidders can bid. A webcast auction is a combination of an online auction and a traditional auction; bidders have the option of bidding remotely or bidding in person.

We sell machinery, equipment, inventories, real estate, and commercial business assets including liquor licenses, intangibles and intellectual property.

A consignor is an individual or entity who engages the services of another to liquidate assets.

Anyone can sell items or equipment at Comly Auctioneers and Appraisers. Our consignors range from small independent entrepreneurs to large multinational companies. We sell assets on behalf of many banks and financial institutions, and we also sell surplus equipment for dealers and manufacturers.

Yes. We conduct regularly scheduled consignment auctions in our 40,000 SF warehouse facility. We are equipped to handle various types of consignments in our facility that also has an adjacent 15,000 SF enclosed yard area. There are times when our clients have assets that cannot be sold onsite and have to be removed from their present location for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the value, quantity or quality of the assets do not warrant an onsite auction. Some premises are not advantageous to holding an auction and occasionally it is not economically feasible to conduct an onsite auction.

We offer flexible contract options, including straight commission, guarantee and outright purchase contracts. The exact terms of each contract depend on the situation and the needs of the seller. During a consultation with our team, a contract will be drafted that addresses your situation.

Comly Auctioneers and Appraisers has been a full-service auction company since 1834. We take care of every detail of your sale including marketing, preparing the assets for sale, monitoring the inspection periods, conducting the actual auction, collecting the payments from purchasers, and supervising the removal of the assets.

ur auction facility no later than two weeks before the scheduled auction.

Our buying customers come from a wide cross-section of people from different industries and geographical regions. We target our marketing to potential buyers based upon the types of assets that we are selling at each auction sale. Some of our purchasers are buying for their own use and others are buying for resale. The potential purchasers may bid in person or they may leave absentee bids for the auctioneer to execute on their behalf.

  1. Discuss the needs of the seller
  2. Create an auction agreement
  3. Prepare the assets for auction
  4. Create a marketing program including direct mail, email, social media, etc.
  5. Post description of the assets and pictures on Comly’s website
  6. Monitor inspection periods for potential buyers to view the assets for sale
  7. Conduct the actual auction
  8. Invoice successful purchasers and collect payment
  9. Supervise the removal of the sold assets
  10. Prepare an account of sale for each seller
  11. Pay the net proceeds of sale to each seller

Since 1834, Comly has maintained a reputation for quality, excellence, and integrity.