• Cash (USD – United States Dollar)
• Credit Card (Visa®, Mastercard®, & Discover®)
• Cashier’s Check
• Wire Transfer
• Company Check (only if accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee)

Wire Transfer

Bank wire transfers are accepted for payment. Please call us at 215-634-2500 for further information.

Checks with a Bank Letter of Guarantee

Payments by company check will not be accepted unless accompanied by a letter from the company’s bank guaranteeing payment in full, without condition and upon demand.

Requirements for a Letter of Guarantee:

  • Letter must be on official bank letterhead.
  • IMPORTANT: Bank must state that they guarantee the payment of the check being presented. It is not sufficient for the bank to state the credit limit or balance of the individual/company.
  • Letter must state the name of the individual or company for whom the guarantee is being stated and the check must have the same name printed on it.
  • Letter must contain a maximum amount for which the bank will guarantee. The check must not be written for more than is guaranteed by the bank.
  • Letter must be for a particular auction date or time frame.
  • A bank representative must sign letter.

Example of a Letter of Guarantee:

Comly Auctioneers & Appraisers
1825 E. Boston Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19125-1296
Dear Sirs:
Mr./Mrs.______________________________ (specify name) is a customer of our bank, and we will guarantee payment of checks written on his/her account up to $ _______________ (specify amount) for purchases made at your auction on ______________________ (specify date of auction).

Print Name (Bank Representative) _____________________________
Signature (Bank Representative) ___________________________________

Once completed, please fax to 215-634-0496 or email to

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