General Auction Questions

What is an auction?
What are different types of auctions?
What do you sell at an auction?
Do you have a physical store?
How can I be notified of upcoming auctions?
What is a buyer’s premium?
What is an absentee bid or a proxy bid?
What is the auction catalog?
What are the benefits of a real estate auction?

Process of an Auction

What is the auction process?


Who can bid at Comly’s auctions?
Do I need to register for the auction?
What do I need to register?
Where do I register for an auction?
What if I can’t make it to the in-house or online auction?
What are the bidding terms?
What does “sold by the each” mean?
Can I watch an online auction without registering to bid?
How will I know if I am a successful bidder?
Will my bid deposit be refunded if I am not a successful bidder?
I do not want the item that I won at the auction anymore. Do I still have to pay for the item?


How do I pay for the auction?
Do you collect sales tax?
What is the total purchase price of each auction item?
What are the requirements for a letter of guarantee?


How do I get a price quote from a third party vendor for removal services?
What if I can’t make it to the removal time or I forgot to pick up the items that I won?