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Machinery & Equipment of a Vinyl Window & Door Manufacturer: Frame & Sash Welders, Glass Cleaners, Saws, Forklifts, Finished Inventory, Warehouse & Office Equipment

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Live On-Site Auction with Online Bidding
Began: Thursday, June 01, 2017 at 9:30 AM EDT
322 Ruthar Drive, Newark, DE 19711

Began: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM EDT

Ended: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 4:00 PM EDT

322 Ruthar Drive, Newark, DE 19711


Live Webcast Auction Sale

By Order of Secured Creditor

B.F. Rich Windows and Doors 


Assets Located at: 

322 Ruthar Drive, Newark, DE 19711


Bid Live or Online: Thursday, June 1 starting at 9:30 AM



Greller 4-Point Welder, m/n G400, s/n 1703-0100 (2012)

(2) Greller Sash Welders, m/n S400, s/n 1285-0200 & 1392-0100 (2006 & n/a)

Greller Frame Welder, m/n G400, s/n 1285-0100 (2005)

Sampson 4-Point Welder, m/n SW 70712-CF-AB, s/n 041611

Sampson 4-Point Sash Welder, m/n SW 7000, s/n 98412

Sampson 4-Point Frame Welder, m/n SW 7000, s/n 98414

Wegoma Dual Head Frame Welder, m/n SL2V, s/n LV22010

Urban Single Head Welder, m/n AKS 1105, s/n C01014

Sampson Vinyl Welders, m/n SW 1000, SW 2000 & SW 4000

Sonics & Materials Sonic Welder, m/n H520



Intermac CNC Glass Cutting Optimizer,

    m/n Genius 37 CT, s/n 73968 (2010)

Besten Quick Dose Liquid Argon Filling

    System, m/n 59 Quick Dose, s/n 59-105-1103

Dailey Mfg. X-Y Glazing Tables

Billco 84” Heated Press, m/n WO 9467

Besten 84” Heated Press, m/n 46HRP-84-5 PR

Billco 84” Flat Glass Washer, m/n WO 94218

Billco 84” Workhorse Glass Washer, m/n WO 05020

Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water System



Greller 2-Point Frame Cleaner, m/n 0291, s/n 1824-0100 (2012)

Greller 2-Point Frame Cleaner, m/n 0291, s/n 1285-0300 (2006)

Rotox 2-Point Sash Corner Cleaner, m/n EPA570, s/n 5706033 (2008)

Rotox Frame Corner Cleaner, m/n EPA 470, s/n 4706151  (2007)

G.E.D. 2-Point Sash Corner Cleaner, m/n CM 4000, s/n 051125

Sampson Sash Cleaner, m/n CM4000, s/n 98416

Sampson Corner Cleaners, m/n CM2000 & NC1500 (4)

Wegoma Corner Cleaners, m/n MPA-2 & WCII (2)



BWD PVC Bending Machine (2002)

McKeegan Grid Radius Bending Machine, m/n ACCU-TEC 4508B


Optimizer & Measuring Machine

Daily Mfg. Grid Optimizer (Custom Made)

TigerStop 10′ Measuring System (2012)


Finished Inventory

(500) Asst. Windows & Doors


Raw Material

Aluminum Extrusion


Screen Wire




Hyster Forklift – 8,000# Capacity, Propane, m/n D004V05C73M

Hyster Forklift – 5,000# Capacity, Propane, m/n F187V02567C

MEC Highlift, m/n 2033ES


Truck & SUV

2008 Ford Edge Limited SUV

2008 Toyota Highlander SUV

2004 Ford F150XL Pickup Truck



(4) Great Dane Trailers, 40’ & 53’

(5) Thayco Trailers, 28’, 32’ & 40’



Sampson Double Miter Saws, m/n MN-14 (5)

Wegoma Double Miter Saws, m/n SD-24 & SD-28 (3)

Sampson Double Miter Saw, m/n SC-10

CTD Mitre Saw, m/n M516

OMGA 14″ Miter Saw, m/n T50-350

Sampson Straight-Cut Saws, m/n SC-12 (10)

Sampson Under- Cut Saw, m/n UC-16S

Sampson Pusher Frame Saw, m/n MC-3

Pistorius Frame Saw, m/n 1400

Saw Shop Table Saw, 5-HP, 12” (2012)

SSC Vertical Panel Saw, m/n H5

Kama Band Saw, m/n EV996

Sampson Glazing Bead Saw, m/n GL-2

Ridgid Chop Saw, 12″

Delta 14″ Radial Arm Saw, m/n 02J79793

Greller Notch Box Saw, m/n 320

Sampson Notch Box Saw – Jamb, m/n DC-10R

Sampson Notch Box Saw – Sill, m/n DC-10S

Eastern Casing Notch Saw


Misc. Machinery

Industrial Machine Perfect Glaze Pumps, m/n I 360-030 & I360-230
Win Mach Tech Jamb Notch/Frame Punch, m/n NS4-JS

Foam Seal Gusmer Foam Filling Machine, m/n T04707

Ryan Ind. Notch Box For SDL

Router Box Product Design Mullion & Frame

BF Rich Single Point Scarf Machine

Wegoma Notch Router

Sampson Jamb Notch

Sampson Head Notch

Sampson Window Casing Machine

Ryan Ind. Ridge Router

Wegoma Copy Router

Eli International Copy Router


Machine Shop Equipment

Grinders, Sanders, Lathes

Welders, Vises, Drill Presses,

Work Tables, Punches


Compressors & Dryers 

Ingersoll Rand & Kaeser Air Compressors

Vertical Air Tank, 2,000-Gallon (2005)

Zeks Air Dryer

Carrier 12.5-Ton Rooftop 2-Stage Dehumidifier (2012)



Mima Stretch Wrap Machine, m/n MSBA-264

Kalamazoo Stretch Wrap Machine, m/n 939-M24

Automatic Strapping Machine

Stray Pac Strapper

Steel Racking


Hand Trucks



NEC Phone System (2012)


Latitude Notebooks

PowerEdge Dell Server



File Cabinets


Inspection: Wednesday, May 31 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Phone: (215) 634-2500 – Email: 

PA Auctioneers License #AY-000148-L 

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